What Google and Mr. Burns have got in common

They’re both old fashioned.

I discovered this when receiving my first Google Adsense check from Google’s bank in Germany. This sort of intra-EU payment might have been “cutting edge” a century ago. Nowadays it’s just odd and annoying, because I have to leave the office during the very restricted opening hours of my bank to cash the check, which costs me €15 in fees (or about a week of Adsense revenue). Someone at Google should look up Regulation (EC) No 2560/2001.

It’s not just Luxembourg, though, it appears Google doesn’t like smaller Eurozone countries and Greece (bad vacation experiences, maybe?):

State Population Bank transfer
Malta 404,962 No
Luxembourg 476,200 No
Cyprus 766,400 No
Slovenia 2,013,597 No
Ireland 4,239,848 Yes
Finland 5,289,128 Yes
Slovakia 5,389,180 Yes
Austria 8,316,487 Yes
Portugal 10,599,095 Yes
Belgium 10,666,866 Yes
Greece 11,125,179 No
Netherlands 16,471,968 Yes
Spain 45,116,894 Yes
Italy 59,131,287 Yes
France 63,392,140 Yes
Germany 82,314,906 Yes

Population data from Wikipedia

Luxembourg: Referral recruitment on the web

Do your friends like to complain about their jobs? Do you sometimes think they should pay you just for listening to them? Well, x-change.lu can’t do that, but if you use this new recruiting website to find a job for someone else you can earn between 250 and 5000 €! (Yes, we’re talking about regular jobs in Luxembourg here and not about signing up with some mercenary organization)

Here’s a demo showing how it’s supposed to work (in French only, like the entire website).

Hat tip to business review (print edition May 2008).