Sam & Max everywhere

I’ve recently read a lot about the new Sam & Max episodes ( [1] [2] [3], in German), which reminded me of a post I made more than a year and a half ago in my (completely outdated, therfore no link ;)) private blog: If you still have the data files of “certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games” like the original Sam & Max, you can use ScummVM to play them on a large variety on systems. I used it to run Sam & Max on my Pocket PC, which was just collecting dust (who needs a PDA which forgets everything every time the battery’s empty?). The screen resolution was a perfect match and from a technical point of view, everything worked very well. So, if you want to get in the mood for the new episodes, you might want to have a look at ScummVM (provided that you still have the original files on a CD or… what was that other thing called… punchcard? No… floppy disk, that’s it).

On a more personal note, playing this game reminded me that I like the humour in Sam & Max, but I just don’t like point and click adventures. Seriously, they make me feel constrained, like spending hours squeezed in an economy class seat on a long haul flight (yes, I’m looking forward to my trip to Taiwan).

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