How to cancel your NYTimes Basic Access subscription online

Don’t feel like talking to a customer care advocate? Here’s how you can cancel your New York Times subscription online.

Step 1: Get an IP address from California

I used NordVPN (affiliate link, click to get 1 month free).

NordVPN Los Angeles

Step 2: Log in to you NYTimes account and navigate to the page that allows you to cancel you subscription

When accessing the page from California, you should now see a button to cancel online:

Cancel you New York Times subscription online without talking to a customer care advocate

If this button doesn’t appear, use a private window (incognito mode) and log in again (or switch to a different browser that you haven’t used with

Step 3: Cancel online with just a few clicks

You may be shown special offers and messages to get you to stay, but all it takes to cancel are a few clicks:

That’s it. Why can’t it be that easy for everyone? I would be far more inclined to sign up for subscriptions if I knew that I could easily cancel them online.

How to recover the name of a deleted disposable Yahoo email address

With yahoo!mail you can configure up to 500 disposable email addresses, which you can easily delete at any time. The name always consists of a base name and a custom part.

If you have deleted a disposable address and also forgotten its name, but now need it again to receive messages, there is a problem: without knowing the custom part of the address, you cannot easily recreate it. Unfortunately, yahoo!mail does not show which addresses you have used and deleted in the past.

However, this does not mean that Yahoo does not keep track of all email addresses that are somehow related to your account. If you have ever received a message on your disposable address, it may very well be possible to recover the name of the address using the method described below.

  1. Go to
  1. Under ” Contact data extracted from message”, click on Download:

You will be asked to enter an email address to be notified when the download is ready. This will take several hours.

  1. Once you get the notification that your download is ready, click on Download file.
yahoo!mail download contact data extracted from messages

Unzip the downloaded file and open ContactsData.json with Notepad (or any other suitable software, e.g. Notepad++).

Search the file for the known part of your throwaway addresses (the base name). This should give you the names of all your disposable addresses that have ever received a message. Note: See update below.

Finally, recreate a disposable address with the same name.

Update August 2021: This method may not work anymore. During my last test, it only returned a small number of aliases, all of which could also be found in (received) emails.

How to log out from Facebook when the menu doesn’t load

The problem: The menu on the Facebook website does not load, making it impossible to log out

Facebook menu not loading

Simple solution

Open Facebook’s mobile website or the basic version of the mobile website. Find the log out link (in the hamburger menu on the mobile website or at the very bottom of the basic website) and click on it:

Facebook mobile basic footer

Technologietransfer nach China – einfach mal nachgefragt

Als kleiner Beitrag zu der aktuellen Diskussion hier eine Abbildung aus meiner Diplomarbeit aus dem Jahr 2002: Gefragt wurde in einer anonymen schriftlichen Umfrage unter Managern deutsch-chinesischer Joint-Ventures nach den Zielen, welche der chinesische Partner mit dem JV verfolgt. Zu sehen sind die Antworten der Vertreter der chinesischen und deutschen Seite (1):

China Know-How-Transfer

Ich zitiere mich mal selber: “[…] auf der deutschen Seite [besteht] eine erhebliche Fehleinschätzung der Bedeutung des Know-how-Transfers für die chinesische Seite”.

Ob sich das inzwischen geändert hat?

1) Die Frage nach den Zielen der chinesischen Seite wurde in 98 Fragebögen von 68 Vertretern der deutschen Seite und 30 Vertretern der chinesischen Seite mit 146 einzelnen Aussagen beantwortet. Die Gruppierung führte zu einer Kategorie mit lediglich 3 Aussagen, welche nicht weiter berücksichtigt wurde. Die vier verbleibenden Kategorien erfassen 92,47% der Aussagen.