Server move – Domains for sale / Domains zu verkaufen

While preparing to move this blog (and several websites) to a new server, I went through the list of domains registered with our current provider and realized that – realistically – I won’t have the time to develop most of them before reaching retirement.

So, if you’re interested in one of the domains below, please contact my company or make an offer on Sedo’s domain marketplace [affiliate link]:

  • Short and easy to remember, perfect for gambling sites/portals.
  • and Could be used as 🙂
  • and
  • and You could set up a service checking potential brand names, domain names, kid’s names, etc. for unwanted meanings in several European languages (think along the lines of the Toyota MR2 in France) .
  • and A stock photography, video, text,… directory?
  • and
  • For news that make you feel better (like in “glad that didn’t happen to me”).
  • That’s “pocket scales” in German
  • “Digital scales” in German

Some more German ones / noch ein paar deutsche Domains:

  • (lange ist es her)
  • 😉 (nicht wirklich)

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