Microsoft Analytics Beta – exclude webpage parameters!

After almost one month of collecting data with Microsoft’s new adCenter Analytics (beta)*, I wanted to have a closer look at the many detailed reports today (and then – of course – blog about it). Turns out I’ve been collecting largely useless data because I had failed to exclude parameters like “?gclid=…” and Microsoft Analytics diligently counted all clicks coming from AdSense as calls to different pages. Stupid me, the option is right there at the top of the management view:

I’ll get back to this in another month. Click here to add your name to the adCenter Analytics invitation list and try it out yourself.

*Why didn’t I use Google Analytics like everyone else? Well, sometimes I’m a maverick, too. 😉

Update March 2009: Since Microsoft decided to pull the plug on Analytics, I won’t be posting anything on this topic anymore. Their announcement and the comments contain links to lots of alternative web analytics solutions.