Totally awesome furniture (and other stuff that you can’t buy)

One of my brothers sent me this link to John Nouanesing’s catalogue after seeing one of his designs on Ehrensenf (the German version of Rocketboom).

Me: “Too bad you can’t buy anything :(”
Brother: “I thought you had some contacts in China, this stuff is screaming to be sold”
Me: “Wouldn’t that be… you know…”
Brother: “Capitalism? ;)”

He’s studying law, BTW (and just to make sure this doesn’t come back to haunt him when he’s about to be nominated to the European Court of Justice or something like that, let me point out that we were kidding and that it’s now 5:45 AM in Ningbo and nobody’s in the factory to pick up the phone, anyway).

The morally immaculate way is – of course – to look at the designs and let their total awesomeness* inspire your creativity.

*I don’t think I’ve ever used “total awesomeness” before, so you’d better take a look. 😉

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